Online Betting US

Billions of people use the Internet for a variety of things. Online betting has become something that people enjoy. The Internet allows people to bet when they are home in bed, at work, or even on the go. The convenience factor has truly changed the betting industry as a whole. Now people do not have to go and meet with a book maker face to face any more.

A recent poll that was completed by Fairleigh Dickinson University's Public Mind has found that public opinion is actually swaying in favor of online betting. Approximately 51 percent of people support the idea of making this form of betting legal.

Some states have made it illegal for residents to participate in online betting. Others such as Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Delaware have passed legislation to make gambling online legal. New Jersey has tried to pass legislation to join these states.

Governor Chris Christie passed a law a year ago to make it legal to gamble at Atlantic City casinos and race tracks. However, the action has garnered a lot of legal backlash by professional sports leagues such as MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

Some people have stated that they feel that betting on professional sports could lead to issues with players trying to fix games. Only 39 percent of women support allowing this type of betting and seniors across the board oppose it as well.

Men love betting on sporting events. About 20% of men said that they have placed bets on sporting events before. Men overwhelmingly are in favor of legalization of this is all 50 states. 60 percent of men support the idea to allow people to place bets online. It stands to reason if other states will enact legislation to allow online sports betting to be legal because the country is shifting in a direction that supports it.

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