Home poker tournament in Canada

Before starting to play or even hosting the next online poker game at your home, think of this – there are things in life that are more fun than just inviting friends over for a regular Canadian poker night, so why settle for a regular game when you can enjoy an exciting night with a great experience with friends, feeling as if you are in a real Las Vegas casino rather than in your home?

If you’re planning on hosting a home poker game for the first time, make sure that everything is arranged properly. There are some important things you should know before sending out e-mails or making phone calls:

1) What kind of poker night will it be? Are you interested in an informal gathering of friends and playing by the dealer’s choice, saying that anyone can choose the game played in any hand? Or do you want to focus on one game during the whole night, such as Texas Hold’em?

2) How many people should you invite? If you are playing by the dealer’s choice, stick to 5 to 7 players.

3) What is “supply” and what are the risks? No matter what kind of poker night you choose to have, you have to clarify how much money your friends need to bring with them to the game.

After knowing all the answers to these questions, choose a date and time and send out invitations. However, you can’t forget any kind of game equipment and obviously get some food and drinks, which are obvious. The essential equipment is mostly chips and other snacks, 2 decks of cards, a table cover and a folding table.

That’s it! Maybe put on some music in the background, wait for your friends, start the game and enjoy the Las Vegas shindig, Canadian-style.

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